A Love Letter to Lucha Underground

To whom it may concern,

For me as a blossoming wrestling fan, 2014 will be remembered as the year of the Lucha Libre uprising, and Lucha Underground is the promotion and television show that really incited my love of Lucha Libre. It also was my introduction to Independent Wrestling. Vampiro used to always say, “This is Lucha Underground, and the doors are open to anyone.” I accepted that invitation and was introduced to some of the most
prolific professional wrestlers in the entire world. Pro wrestlers like Pentagon Junior, Fenix, Matt Cross,
Ricochet and more. It was good to see old friends like Chavo Guerrero, Konnan, and Johnny Mundo aka
Johnny Whatever Show He Is On.

Now, to be completely transparent, I got into Lucha Underground a little late. I forget who put me on to it, but I think it was Mega Ran. He inspired me to get back into wrestling, so I am thinking he may have also
provided the suggestion to watch LU. I started watching it midway through season 2, and the show was different than anything I had ever watched before. I was hooked and made it a point to watch LU before NXT or anything else. I would describe it to people who were unfamiliar with it as a gritty telenovela with supernatural and science fiction storylines. It was reminiscent of a grindhouse Lucha Libre movie. The cinematic video packages captured my attention, and the commentary by Matt Stryker and Vampiro would commit my investment into each storyline.

After watching The Boneyard and The Firefly Fun House matches from WWE’s WrestleMania 36, I was
reminded of the impact of LU. Re-watching this pro wrestling masterpiece in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ‘good feeling’ I needed in my life right now. When it comes to athleticism, storytelling, and entertainment, LU provided all of that and more. Appreciation for story, wonder, and of course, pro-wrestling. The Boneyard match, the Firefly Fun House match, and Lucha Underground all share similarities of when it comes to cinematic production and storytelling.  All three provided a new and wonderful way to entertain the audience, and at the end of the day isn’t that the essence of pro-wrestling? Would another wrestling show/promotion with over the top production do well in the current landscape of pro-wrestling? I would love to see it considering the limitations of a modern day world amidst a global pandemic and new normals in social distancing. Comic books coming to life, dramas that captivate and awe the human spirit, and great pro-wrestling to suspend disbelief.


Until that day or promotion comes, let’s re-watch Lucha Underground and enjoy it for the groundbreaking entertainment it provided.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk,
David Valencia aka The Neoecks (@theneoecks)