CJAE 69: NIIIICE! (G1 28, Nights 1-6)

On this landmark episode, Chris Damasceno (@BrasilianFury)(@BrasilianFury) joins Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) to begin our annual G1 Climax coverage!  All tournament matches from the first 6 nights are covered.  Join in as the guys discuss the Pennywise-inspired madness of Lil’ Kazu, the badassery of Red Shoes, the surprising start by Yoshihiko, the plotting of the Switchblade, and the Adventures of Fair Play Grappleboi Yano.


Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain. Closing theme by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

Sponsored by WrestleCrate (@wrestlecrateusa).

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