CJAE 46: PCW ULTRA Anniversary 2K18!

Happy New Year, sailors!  Settle in as Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) welcomes PCW ULTRA booker & member of WARBEAST, Josef (@CVLTofWARBEAST), for a special interview.  No stone is left unturned, as they talk about Josef’s time in the business, touring Puerto Rico and Japan, learning from Kevin Sullivan, his tenure as NWA World’s Champion, and the way forward for PCW ULTRA.  He goes into trajectories for production, storytelling, fostering homegrown talent, and bringing in the finest from around the world to work alongside them… which leads to the arrival of THE GREAT MUTA on January 19th at Anniversary 2K18!

Get tickets for the show now at http://www.pcwultra.com!

Sponsored by Heels and Faces Clothing (@heelsandfaces).

Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain.

Closing theme by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

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