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WWE Raw Filling SNL’s Void

Shaq and The Nature BoyWe all know that SNL has become a great platform for celebrities and sports figures to take on whenever they have something to promote or want to heighten their media exposure. But what about the downtime, when SNL isn’t filming new episodes?

Vince McMahon has stepped up to the plate to fill that void. He began a few weeks ago with Donald Trump, by “selling” the show to him. Of course, he immediately “bought” it back (for twice the cost – you can’t beat Trump when it comes to money).

He later declared that Trump had made some contractual changes to the way Raw is run, by mandating celebrity guest hosts every week. So far, Seth Green and ZZ Top have taken the helm, to much success.

It was announced earlier this week that Shaq will host next Monday. Perhaps Carlito will exact some revenge on the big man from a chair shot delivered to him while Shaq was a member of the Heat. Or maybe they’ll just do their best to forget it ever happened, as it was most definitely one of the weakest chair shots ever given.

Within the past hour or so, WWE broke the news on twitter (@WWEUniverse) that Jeremy Piven, who plays asshole agent with a heart Ari Gold on Entourage, will be hosting the week after Shaq. Things just keep getting better…

Ratings are up and people are enjoying the shows. Even WWE stock is up compared to where it stood in May. WWE stock prices have historically fallen in the post-Wrestlemania downtime of the summer season. All is well in the world of professional wrestling. Vince triumphs again.

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Reality Checks

Vince currently has a feature to welcome back Vince McMahon back to TV, called ‘Reality Checks’.

These are essentially Vince McMahon themed Chuck Norris facts.

There are some pretty good ones that people have submitted.

My contribution:

Vince McMahon was originally going to be the host of The Apprentice, but he fired everyone before they could even shoot the first episode.

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