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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep.17: “My Favorite Feud” w/ Derek Montilla

Ahoy and welcome!  This week, Captain Jack Heartless (@seejacktalkback) brings his monthly special episode, “My Favorite Feud”, to The Steel Cage Network!  “My Favorite Feud” is where a guest drops by to wax poetic about their #1, desert-island rivalry, and what it means to them.

This time out, Minutes With the Mayor host Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman) stops by to talk about the magic of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon.  Highlights include: Manure, bedpans, foot nougies, Higher Powers, Fallen Angels, Zambonis, Brahma Bulls, cement, Loose Cannons, and why Dude Love, after all this time, remains the Hippest Corporate Stooge in the Land.  Enjoy!

Opening music by Lemi & The Captain. Closing music by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

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Podcast Episode 265: Royal Rumble 2017 Results

Remember the Alamo! And also, the Royal Rumble!

The whirlwind that is the WWE has passed through San Antonio, and a lot of big stuff happened. New champions were crowned in NXT, Charlotte’s PPV streak continued, Cena and Styles had a match of the year candidate, and though questions remain about the direction with Orton winning – the Rumble itself was a lot of fun.

Featuring: Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag), ‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Darrell Johnson (@zazzumplop), and ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman).

Music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley.

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The Undertaker is Over. Not in the Way You’re Thinking, Though.

Spoiler alert: This is NOT what The Undertaker looks like in 2017.

Spoiler alert: This is NOT what The Undertaker looks like in 2017.

When you say someone is “over” in pro wrestling, that’s usually a good thing. “He’s so over with the fans” means that he’s getting a big reaction and they’re clamoring to see more.

Let’s be clear – that’s not what I mean when I say that The Undertaker is over. I’m saying he’s over like shell art is over.

In 2010, I sat ringside at WrestleMania XXVI with my brother. It was a dream come true – our first Mania – and we were watching two of the greatest ever battle as HBK faced The Undertaker for the second year in a row. One career came to an end that night as the door closed on Shawn Michaels. Another career came ever closer to its finish, as well – but little did we know that 7 years later, The Undertaker would still be doing his thing. Should he still be doing it, though?

Don’t get me wrong, The Undertaker has put on some solid matches in the time since The Heartbreak Kid called it quits. From battles with Triple H, CM Punk, and even some of what he did with Brock Lesnar – Taker has still created memorable moments for us as fans. But for me, the moment when I began to lose hope occurred in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX.

Again attending with my brother, I remember looking at each other and realizing about 10 minutes into Taker’s match that we were both thinking of making a run to the restroom. Yes, folks – The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar became a ‘piss break’ match for us. We came back, didn’t miss a thing, and The Streak came to an end before our eyes. We figured it may happen one day, but in such a lackluster fashion as that? Yikes.

To be fair, it’s been said that Taker suffered a concussion early in that match, and powered through it all – carried by Brock Lesnar, who was arguably not ready to take on that role, but had no choice that fateful day. But still, a boring match and the end of the biggest thing The Undertaker had going for him? It must be time for him to call it quits soon, right?

The Undertaker doesn't do New Year's resolutions.

The Undertaker doesn’t do New Year’s resolutions.

Three years later, multiple surgeries, and plenty of holiday meals later… he’s still at it. But why?

Yes, it’s an amazing thing to witness The Undertaker’s entrance. The lights going out. The music. The lightning and pyrotechnics. The aura of The Dead Man. But then he gets in the ring, and we reminisce in the wonderful things he did in the past. And we get just a taste of it.

When he showed up at the 2017 Royal Rumble, it was exciting to see him just ‘appear’ in the ring across from Goldberg. But then he started to move, and you quickly remembered that this is The Old Man, not The Dead Man. He seemed lost at times – forgetting who he was supposed to move onto in his sequence of eliminations. His offense looked lazy and uninspired. He appeared out of shape, and I almost wondered if it would have been better if he wore a loose t-shirt over his singlet. I expect certain old wrestlers to be out of shape as they age – hell, they’ve earned it if they want to let themselves go – but Taker carries a certain mythos that makes us not want to think of him as just a regular old man.

I hate to speak ill of the legends, but I’m over The Undertaker. I think his career is in danger of becoming tarnished if he keeps trying to drag things out. Maybe it’s not all his choice. Maybe he’s leaving the door open to Vince to call upon him – in which case, I’d hope Mr. McMahon sees what I’ve been seeing and stops making that phone call.

I don’t want to remember The Undertaker for looking terrible and being the ‘piss break’ match. (There’s a danger of that happening again this year, as he’s rumored to be booked against Roman Reigns… No thanks times two!) I don’t want to see Taker do what so many other legends did in the twilight of their career at WCW and even TNA. I want to remember him finishing off Shawn Michaels, going to war with Triple H, and being the big scary bad ass he always was.

We used to chant ‘please retire’ at Big Show, but that was more in jest towards his poor booking. I could never chant that to Taker’s face (he’ll always be scary even if he’s started to look a bit like Frasier), but I’ll sit behind my keyboard and make the plea. Don’t kill your legacy, Dead Man.

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Podcast Episode 264: Royal Rumble 2017 Preview

For the first time in YEARS, the Royal Rumble seems to be wide open! From Brock Lesnar to Goldberg, Undertaker to Finn Balor, even Chris Jericho to… Samoa Joe… Yes, that’s right… Who the heck knows what will happen this Sunday?

We’ve got a lot to talk about this week – from Monday Night RAW to NXT Takeover: San Antonio, to the big event itself at the Alamodome – the Royal Rumble.

Featuring: Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag), ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman), ‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Darrell Johnson (@zazzumplop), Psyniac (@rawispsyniac), and ‘Super Jew’ Jared (@SuperJew75).

Music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley.

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The Most Open Royal Rumble Ever

A look at who could possibly win the most wide open Royal Rumble ever, where even the betting favorite has changed six times in four months

It’s fairly standard protocol for the WWE to tell you that their annual Royal Rumble event is “anyone’s for the taking” and that everyone has an equal one in thirty shot, however, that is never ever the reality, with the Rumble usually being between two or three guys at best, and often it’s simply a predictable one horse race.This year appears to be a massive exception to the norm, with the number of potential winners now exceeding double figures and with no clear betting favorite. In addition to that, the betting favorite has changed six times since SummerSlam.Let’s have a look at the changes in favoritism.

Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins: Lesnar and Seth Rollins were originally was installed as joint 4/1 favorites. As it became clear that both were penciled in for matches against Shane McMahon and Triple H, their odds plummeted.

For those not clued up about what these odds mean, they mean a $100 bet on either would return $500 ($400 profit and the $100 stake returned).

Finn Balor: Finn spent a large amount of time as the favorite, with rumors indicating that he would be fit to return by the Royal Rumble. Having vacated the Universal Title after SummerSlam, Finn Balor seemed like the logical favorite.

Goldberg: After his win over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Goldberg extended his deal with WWE and announced his entry into the Royal Rumble. The bookmakers reacted and instantly installed Goldberg as the favorite. He has since drifted out to 14/1.

Chris Jericho: Jericho spent a short time as the favorite after Roadblock, with the belief obviously being that Owens and Jericho would square off at WrestleMania, with the WWE Universal Title on the line.

Although the pair will certainly face at WrestleMania, it looks unlikely to be for the Universal Title, after Jericho captured the US Title. It’s highly unlikely that WWE would book the match as Champion vs Champion and bookmakers agree, with Jericho now out to 12/1.

The Undertaker: This is an extremely interesting one and demonstrates the current power of internet rumors. Many assumed that The Undertaker would simply win the Rumble and face John Cena.

However, Undertaker’s odds ironically drifted out after him announcing his involvement in the Rumble on RAW, as Dave Meltzer reported that Vince McMahon had canceled the Cena vs Undertaker match and that Undertaker had been moved onto Raw.

This has not been confirmed by WWE whatsoever, however, this story was picked up by every major internet wrestling site, resulting in Undertaker no longer being the favorite.

Braun Strowman: For weeks on my podcast, I have ridiculed any possibility of the WWE actually booking Roman Reigns vs Strowman for the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania, despite it looking like the direction that the company’s taking on TV.

I can not fathom that WWE would be so blind as to book a match in a such a high profile spot, that will be undoubtedly booed by 70,000 people. However, as it stands, Strowman is currently the favorite to win the Rumble at 2/1.

He is also the odds-on favorite to eliminate the most men (odds-on means you have to bet more than your actual possible profit. He is currently 4/5, so you would have to bet $100 to win $180, so only an $80 profit from your $100 bet).

My thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, the Royal Rumble is wide open. I initially favored a Raw participant to win the Rumble, believing that Smackdown Live would use the Elimination Chamber (the next Smackdown PPV), to crown their No.1 contender.

I believed that the company would have Brock Lesnar win the Royal Rumble and Goldberg win the WWE Universal Title at WWE Fastlane on Sunday 5th March. It would be a great way to rebuild Brock after his 86 second loss and It would be a chance to get the Title onto Goldberg, which is something I believe the fans would like to see.

It would also raise the stakes for the final match between Goldberg vs Lesnar, making Lesnar’s two losses irrelevant, as he would win the final and most significant match of their trilogy.

The only problem with doing this is that the Universal Title would belong to a part-timer for several months, possibly up to SummerSlam in August.

However, my theory was thrown out the window last Tuesday when Shane McMahon announced that the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match would simply be a WWE Title defense by the Champion (AJ or Cena).

This now means that neither Raw or Smackdown have a clear way of crowning their own No.1 Contender, should the winner come from the opposing brand.

This opens the door wide open to both brands housing the Rumble winner, and a whole host of options, where even a debutante like Samoa Joe is being talked about as a contender.

Be it by accident or by design, the WWE have done a great job in making this year’s Royal Rumble genuinely unpredictable and must-see. Stay tuned to my podcast, The Dirty Sheets, as we will continue to speculate who will win the 2017 Royal Rumble.

This article was originally published at Sportskeeda.

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